When does a dog need a multivitamin supplement?

pets need supplementsWith an increasing number of people taking daily supplements, it should come as no surprise that the pet supplement industry is continuing to grow as well. People who take supplements are far more likely to give them to their pets, but are they always necessary? When does your dog really need a multivitamin supplement?

Most commercially manufactured dog food contains adequate levels of vitamins and minerals to meet most dogs’ daily nutritional requirements. However, not all dogs eat commercially manufactured dog food; some eat diets of raw or homemade food, while others may eat dog foods not made for their specific needs (age, size, etc.) Owners who feed their dogs diets like this should definitely consider giving them a vitamin supplement to help fill in the gaps of their nutritional needs. It should be mentioned that not all canine vitamin supplements are the same and owners should do their research to make sure they find a product that will meet their pet’s needs.

Another reason to consider giving your dog a multivitamin supplement is if he or she is a picky eater. Maybe you feed your dog a standard dog food, but maybe they don’t always eat it, or don’t finish all of it. It’s hard to tell if they are getting enough of the nutrients they need when they don’t consistently eat all their food. One thing to consider is changing dog food; maybe your dog just doesn’t like that one! Also you can try adding a vitamin supplement to your dog’s daily routine as a way to make up for what’s lacking in their diet.

Since dogs can’t always tell us how they are feeling or what’s going on, it’s important to keep a close watch over their diet so you can know more specifically what vitamins and minerals they are getting on a daily basis. If there is ever any concern over your dog’s diet, nutritional intake or supplement regime, you should always consult your pet’s veterinarian.