Top 5 Super Bowl Pet Ads OF ALL TIME!!!

watch dog

Ah yes, the Super Bowl, the game of games, the pinnacle of athleticism and brutality. Once a year these gladiators of the gridiron take the field to join past champions in the pantheon of greatness.

Heroes. Heroes like Eli Manning, Brett Farve, Terrell Owens, you know what separates these brooding behemoths from the rest of the flock? God awful TV commercials. Oh my land, Have you seen them?! I cannot take Eli Manning seriously. The man is clown shoes. Walking, talking clown shoes.

Ok, ok…maybe I didn’t watch all of the Super Bowl, or any of it at all. I was busy. This  kale and quinoa salad isn’t going to make itself, you know (Joking). If you are anything like my mom, or millions of other Americans, then the Super Bowl is the only time you get to enjoy what has been hated and despised for 364 days of the year. Advertising and Commercials.

We know the Super Bowl is over, but we have watched and mired over dozens of clips to bring you our top 5 Super Bowl Pet Commercials. Enjoy!

Volkswagen- Dog Strikes Back

Don’t forget to watch the ending for a bonus clip!!

Budweiser- Clydesdale

Every year. Every single year. Budweiser makes a commercial about those giant horses, and it gets me every single time! Every Time! And is that Stevie Nicks singing Landslide? Water Works.

Bud Light- Bad Dog

I see what you did there.  You stay classy Bud light.

Ameriquest- Surprise Dinner

Isn’t that always the case.

 Pedigree- Time to get a Dog

“Bruno! Come back here! Bruno you bad bad bird!” I’ve watched Mrs. Lawrence chase that bird too many times.

We hoped you enjoyed our favorite commercials. None of the commercials aired on Super Bowl this year made our list, but I’m sure those advertisers will have something up their sleeves for next year. P.S. That Audi commercial was so awful.

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