Ear Infection in Dogs and Supplements For Dog Ear Infections

Dog Ear Infections

An ear infection in dogs is perhaps one of the top reasons why these pets need to visit a veterinarian often. While some are given simple dog supplements to treat such a condition, there are a lot more solutions which include addressing the cause of these recurring dog ear infections. Before you choose an appropriate strategy for your dog, it is important to understand the symptoms and causes of these infections besides a detailed review of probable solutions.

Causes of Dog Ear Infections

Diet Food – A common case of ear problems associated with diet is excessive consumption of grains and sugar. Particularly, sugar will feed the yeast that occurs naturally in the dog’s body. Whenever there is an overgrowth of yeast, there will be a yeasty-smelling mass in the dog’s ears.

Parasites – Although they are not as common, parasites such as mites can attack the dog’s ears and result in an infection. Once they have invaded the ear, however, mites are easy to treat using natural solutions such as neem but oftentimes, they go undetected and therefore cause a number of dog ear infections.

Anatomy – Some dog breeds are naturally born with ears that have a greater likelihood of suffering infections. This is particularly true with breeds such as the Basset Hound which has large and pendulous ear flaps. Although they look pretty, such morphology limits air circulation into the canal. This in turn keeps the canal warm and moist, a condition that encourages bacterial growth and ultimately causes bacterial infections.

Symptoms of Ear Infection in Dogs

One of the first signs that a dog is having an ear infection is excessive shaking of the head and scratching of the ears. This is an outer indication of an inflamed ear canal, which is mostly accompanied with red ear flaps. Other signs include:

  • Lethargy and excessive sleeping
  • A black, white or grey discharge from the ears
  • Change of smell especially around the ear region
  • Licking of the ear by other dogs around the household
  • Crying and flinching whenever the ear is touched

 Detoxification Using Dog Supplements

Some of the ways through which you can treat dog ear infections include the use of dog supplements.  There is an assortment of dog supplements which work in a number of ways to remove toxins from the body and therefore prevent ear infections. However, you must be careful in choosing dog supplements because some are designed to offer certain minerals while doing more harm to the dog’s overall health. For a start, consider gentle detoxing using mild dog supplements. For instance, Livton supplement is a dog liver cleanse formula that has been tested over time and is considered healthy for your dog. Using this supplement for two months will help cleanse your dog’s liver and therefore improve its overall health and immunity, which is a great leap in your effort to treat ear infection in dogs.  GreenMin is yet another supplement, which contains chlorophyll, minerals and amino acids that are necessary in cleansing the digestive system. Besides, the supplement supplies your dog with the minerals that might be lacking in the body. In order for the dog’s ears to start healing, there is need for a highly functional digestive system. If your dog has been diagnosed with a stubborn or persistent ear infection, be sure to get a good probiotic supplement to work alongside the antibiotics given. From the stores, study the ingredients and choose a supplement that contains acidophilus. This will help in maintaining a balance of good bacteria in the dog’s body, which is a good step towards dealing with the infection. Irrespective of the fact that there are a lot more dog supplements, it is worth repeating that not all of these are safe for your dog.

Topical Dog Ear Infection Solutions

There are a few topical solutions available in pet stores which can be used on a routine basis to treat ear infections. Some of these will basically alter the ear’s PH, a primary step towards warding off yeast infections. Some of the best topical solutions include Calendula Lotion, Gentian Violet dye and Mullein Oil.

Regular Dog Ear Cleaning

For a normal dog with ears that facilitate good airflow, it is not advisable to clean its ears at all as this may interfere with the natural PH balance and therefore cause infections. For dog breeds such as Basset Hound, however, you will be required to clean the ears occasionally to remove debris and allow easy airflow. Inspect your dog’s ears on a regular basis to determine whether there are minor debris deposits. Such can be removed using a dry piece of cotton, which is in fact the best solution in maintaining ears that do not suffer any serious medical condition. Treat the root cause, unless you treat the underlying problem that is causing the ear infection in dogs, the menace is likely to persist. If your dog has the anatomical abnormality that predisposes it to ear infections, consider surgery to open up the ear canal and facilitate airflow. Lastly, you may opt to clip hair from areas close to the ear canal to facilitate airflow.

Provide Help for Your Dog

In summary, there are several dog infections which are likely to attack when you least expect it. Once you understand your dog’s anatomy, its diet and the environmental conditions that are likely to bring about this infection, it will be relatively easier to go for topical solutions, dog supplements and other solutions that are meant to help aid and prevent the problem from recurring.