The Benefits of Using a Dog Ear Cleaning Solution

A Solution to Come

Choosing a good dog ear cleaning solution can be very beneficial for both you and your dog.  Even though many dog owners make the utmost effort to ensure that their pets are healthy in all aspects, mentally and physically, one of the most overlooked aspect of a dog’s health that many owners inadvertently overlook is the health of their ears. Unfortunately, many dog owners have never contemplated about the possibility of utilizing a professional ear cleaner for dogs that clean dog ears. In this overview, we’ll take a look at why you need to clean dogs ears, as well as the benefits your beloved pet stands to gain if you’re utilizing an effective dog ear cleaning solution as opposed to a home solution that can supposedly clean dogs ears.

Unique Structure

Have you ever wondered why dogs have such a keen sense of hearing? This is primarily due to the fact that they are one of the only animals within the world that have a deep ear canal. Due to this fact, their ear canal essentially operates as a funnel that collects sound waves which eventually gets concentrated as it travels down the dog’s long ear canals. Unfortunately however, due to this very same fact, dogs are more prone to having ear related problems in comparison to other animals. This is one of the reasons why you need to utilize a professional ear cleaner for dogs. To put things in retrospect, just imagine how difficult it would be to keep your ears cleaned, if your ear canal was shaped like an ‘L’ similarly to a dog’s ear canal.

Fertile Ground for Bacteria 

As mentioned before, dogs have deep ear canals. Unlike a human being’s ear canal, if water enters a dog’s ear canal, it does not dissipate as easily. As such, if any instances of water enter their ear canal, it can essentially mix in with their ear wax and cause a certain degree of moisture that remains for an extended period of time. This moisture operates as a perfect breeding ground for microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi and a variety of other inflammation causing microorganisms. Overtime if you fail to utilize a professional clean solution that cleans dogs ears, the accumulation of microorganisms within the dog’s ear can lead to an ear infection.

Dog Ear Problems

Just like how a human being may have sinus related issues that affect their nose, dogs have similar issues as well that affect their ears and can cause inflammation and/or an ear infection. In some instances a dog may have an allergy to pollen, mold spores, dander or cigarette smoke as well. Once these substances enter the dogs ear canal, it can irritate their skin to the point whereby the flesh becomes raw and operates as a breeding ground for bacteria. Some dogs that are especially prone to these types of issues and, as such, have a higher risk of developing an ear infection include:
* Pugs
* Bulldogs
* Boston Terriers
* Retrievers
* Flat face breeds* Settlers
While it may be true that there is literally nothing you can do to protect your dog from allergens as a whole, most veterinarians recommend that you clean dogs ear with a professional dog ear cleaning solution in an attempt to minimize the accumulation of pollen, spores, dander and other allergens that may be within their narrow ear canal that could trigger an infection further down the line.

Obtrusive Particles 

Another reason why dogs need their ears cleaned periodically is partly due to the fact that since their ear canal is shaped like an ‘L’, small particles that become  lodged within a dog’s ear may eventually fall down onto the bottom of their ear drum and can cause a great deal of agony for your beloved pet. However, by utilizing a dog ear cleaning solution, not only will it be able to eviscerate bacteria and allergens, it will provide your dog’s ear canal with a certain degree of lubrication that allows any micro particles that are stuck within their ear canal to become dislodged.

Benefits of Utilizing a Professional Ear Cleaner for Dogs Vs Homemade Ear Cleaner for Dogs

Now, before you grab a Q-tip and a few cotton pads or utilize a so called home solution that supposedly clean dogs ears, it’s important to note that most, if not all of these home solutions come with a certain degree of risk. For example, by utilizing the Q-tip and cotton swab, you run the risk of pushing ear wax and obtrusive particles further down into your dog’s ear. Additionally, based on the fact that you literally have no way of telling where their ear drum is, you may inadvertently damage that as well. And as far as chemical homemade solutions such as vinegar and boric acid goes, just like how a human being could have a bad reaction to virtually everything, so can your dog.

Get Yourself an Effective Dog Ear Cleaning Solution

However, by utilizing a professional dog ear cleaning solution that has years of testing in regards to effectiveness and safety in ingredients that dogs do not have a history of being allergic to, you can clean dogs ears without worrying that you may inadvertently damage their eardrums or structure of their ear canals. These chemical solutions have a history of not only being safe, but being effective when it comes to destroying bacteria, providing a source of lubrication that can help to dislodge objects and eviscerating allergens that may have stuck onto ear wax within your dog’s canal.