The Benefits of Using a Dog Ear Wash

A dog ear wash is a product that can greatly benefit your dog, especially if your dog needs an ear cleaning here and there.  Most of the time, dogs have fairly clear ears. As a general rule, your dog can benefit from natural ear wash for dogs by having their ears cleaned about once a month. These days you can easily buy the best dog ear wash online. Some dogs are prone to ear infections of the outer ear canal (otitis externa) and often need their ears cleaned with ear wash for dogs more often. Some dogs get wet ears from baths or swimming and need their ears cleaned right after so that they do not stay wet.  Removing excess wax or debris from an infected ear with an ear wash for dogs is important for properly dealing with an ear problems as it allows for quick penetration of the solution deeper into the ear canal. Cleaning your dog’s ears on a regular basis with a natural ear wash for dogs also helps in maintaining healthy ears and preventing many other issues.

Things You Need for Dog Ear Wash:

  • An ear wash for dogs
  • Cotton wool
  •  Few treats

What Sort of Ear Wash for Dogs is Best?

There are different types of ear cleaners available on the market, but the most important thing is that you use a high quality dog ear wash. A good option is a natural ear wash for dogs.  Never put shampoo, vinegar, olive oil, or any other substance in your pet’s ear.  Also avoid poking your dog’s ears with cotton buds, as this will only push debris and wax further in and potentially damage you dog’s ear drum.

A Step-by-Step Process

Firstly, it is important to check if your dog has very itchy, red, or inflamed ears.  See your Vet before you start cleaning.  It’s likely that your dog may have an ear infection, so simple ear cleaning with a natural ear wash for dogs will not do much good at this point. If your dog’s infection is severe enough, it can damage the ears further, including the ear drum.  Cleaning dog’s ears can be a messy job, so find some place in your house that’s easy to clean and avoid wearing your best dress for an ear cleaning while following these steps:

  • Give your dog a treat and also show him the ear cleaner.
  • Gently hold the flap of your dog’s ear upright and fill the ear canal with some ear cleaner. You should direct the tube vertically downwards.
  • Hold the ear and move your hand down to the place where the ear meets the head.
  • Now massage at the base of the ear, with an aim to mix the ear wash around within the ear canal. You’ll get a squelchy noise if you’re doing this correctly.
  • After having massaged the ear for about 30 seconds, stand back and let go the ear.
  • At this point, your dog should vigorously shake his head.
  • Take some cotton and use it to wipe the folds at the opening of his ear canal until it looks pretty clean.Now give your dog a treat and repeat the process with his other ear.


You will get the best results if you use a large amount of ear wash for dogs.  As dog’s ear canals are quite long, the wiping step is not for getting all the ear discharge out. The idea is that when you massage, you’ll break the discharge lining inside the ear canal, so that it forms a solution with the ear wash. Your dog can then shake the liquid out.

Tips on Effective Ear Cleaning

  • Clean your dogs’ ears on a regular basis, once or twice a month or as recommended by your Vet. Your dog will quickly get used to it, and the process will become much easier for you.
  •  Sometimes your dog may react when you introduce a cold liquid in his ears, making cleaning more difficult. Therefore, warm the ear wash to your dog’s body temperature by holding the bottle in your hand or placing it in your pocket for about half an hour.
  •  Always use the ear wash outdoors or in a tiled room, so your pet can safely shake his ears to remove any excess solution.

A Clean Ear 

Most dogs will come to like regular ear wash, so long as their ears are comfortable. This is the one place on their body in which they cannot scratch themselves, so most of them will absolutely love it. With lots of encouragement and treats, ear wash can become a part of your regular hygiene routine.