Choosing Your Liquid Pet Vitamins

When considering which vitamins and supplements to give our pets, we usually take the time to research which ones are recommended and seem to work best.  Before you just pick up any store brand of pills or tablets, think again.  You and your pet might be best served to choose a high quality liquid pet vitamin or supplement.

The Best Liquid Pet Vitamins

How do you choose the best vitamins for pets? Pet vitamins can be a major hassle, so you might consider liquid pet vitamins for the best convenience. This form of vitamin can be added to your pet’s water dish or mixed in with pet food for fewer problems with getting a capsule or pill down your pet’s throat.

Why Does My Dog/Cat Refuse To Swallow A Pill?

In many cases, it’s because your dog or cat doesn’t like the taste or has trouble swallowing the pill. Your pet may also associate pills with a traumatic experience that you might not even realize happened, especially if you are not the first owner. If that is the case, liquid versions of the pills that your pet needs will be helpful when you don’t want to ruin the relationship you have with your pet over vitamins.

Why Should You Consider Pet Vitamins Anyway?

Many cat or dog food brands do not contain all of the nutrients your pet needs. In many cases, important enzymes and vitamins have been baked right out of the food and this can be hard on your pet’s health. Pet vitamins can help make up for the deficiency.

What Should You Consider In Vitamins For Pets?

You should consider vitamins for pets the same way you might consider dietary supplements for people. They’re meant to supplement a diet that might be missing nutrients that your pets need and won’t do much good in any case if you can’t get your pet to take them. You should consult with your veterinarian to see whether you can make adjustments to your pet’s diet to better suit its needs and which vitamins would work best for your pet.

When Should You Give Your Pet Liquid Vitamins?

Liquid pet vitamins can be very helpful in cases where your pet needs nutrients that it’s not getting in its regular diet but it refuses to swallow a pill. The liquid form can be easier for your pet to absorb than a pill that its digestive tract is not designed to handle. Many of the best liquid pet vitamins are designed to be taste- and odor-free so your pet might not even realize that the vitamin has been added to its food.

When Will You Notice a Difference Once You’ve Started Your Pet On Vitamins?

In many cases, you might not notice a difference right away. However, signs that a pet vitamin is working can include a healthier-looking fur coat, improvements in minor conditions like hair balls in cats.  Years down the road, you may notice that your pet looks good for its age and even your veterinarian might comment that your aging pet looks pretty good for being a “senior citizen”.

Where Can You Find Liquid Pet Vitamins?

Many pet stores will also sell vitamins for pets and they can even be found online if you know where to look. Some online retailers specialize in pet supplements that include vitamins. If you’re not sure if you’re finding the right vitamins for your pet, your veterinarian should be able to point you in the right direction and may even be able to sell you some of the best brands for your pet’s unique needs.

What’s The Bottom Line With Liquid Pet Vitamins?

Liquid pet vitamins are the way to go when you’ve struggled with issues related to your pet’s diet and have trouble taking them to take a pill. When they refuse to swallow a vitamin pill, they aren’t being a bad dog or cat. That just means you need to make some adjustments to get them to keep it down. Just like dietary supplements for humans, not all vitamins for pets are going to be created equal or even be appropriate for your pet’s unique needs, but you can navigate the world of pet vitamins as part of making necessary tweaks to your pet’s diet with help from a good veterinarian. Look for pet vitamins wherever you normally buy your pet supplies.