Don’t Wait, Look At a Pet Blog for Great Tips about Cats

The companionship between cats and humans traces back for centuries. They’ve been the subject of a cat blog, dog blog, pet blog, poems, movies, and even Broadway musicals. It’s clear why this is; cats believe they are the boss. In the article below, you’ll discover great tips to help you control your cat and ensure it lives a good life.

A Cat Blog for a Healthy Kitty

Keep an eye on early warning signs of health issues in cats. According to a pet blog cats usually display warning signs if they are struggling with health issues. Another cat blog also shows some common signs to look out for include sleeping habit changes, not being able to groom properly, changes in eating habits,depression, sneezing, increased thirst, watery eyes,hiding, and vomiting. If they display these symptoms, take them to a vet right away. The sooner you take them, the better. Always make sure to check your cat for ticks and fleas every week. If your cat does have fleas, there is a good chance that you also have fleas in your home. You might need some flea bombs or premise-control sprays to get rid of the issue. If you don’t know what products to use for controlling ticks and fleas, talk to your vet or check out a pet blog, or cat blog for some safe options.

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Also, a dog blog will note that if your dog and cat are best friends, be sure to keep them separate after flea removal. Your dog’s flea products are very hazardous for cats. Cats that come in contact with dog flea products often die. A dog blog, cat blog, and a pet blog can help you look for the right flea removal for your pets. Be sure to use only cat products on your cat and only dog products on your dog.

ID Your Cat, its Crucial!

If your cat is an outdoor cat or a cat that has a habit of getting outside, they need proper identification. Any cat blog you read will tell you that the cat should have a safety collar and an ID tag. Safety collars that have elastic bands allow cats to get out of the collar if they get it caught on something. An ID tag or an implanted microchip can help your cat get returned if they’re lost. Fortunately cats have an uncanny ability to always find their way home. If you move to a new home, keep your cat inside for about a month. This will help your cat to familiarize themselves with the smells of your new place. If you let your cat out too soon, they might go home to the wrong house.

Starting From the Inside to Keep Your Cat Healthy

Buy a pet drinking fountain to prevent dehydration. I once read on a pet blog that cats are attracted to running water, so a pet drinking fountain may help to encourage your cat to drink more. Proper hydration can assist with the prevention of a large number of feline health problems. Therefore, a pet drinking fountain could improve the health of your cat and reduce vet bills. To keep your cats health at its optimum level feed your cat top quality food. Check out the ingredients, and make sure meat tops the list. Don’t give your cat foods that have corn or other elements that have no protein. The main part of a cat’s diet should be meat protein, so his cat food should be mostly real meat.