Nutraceutical Manufacturing for Pets

Today, nutraceutical manufacturing for pets is one of the fastest growing industries in the world largely due to increased awareness on the importance of pet health. The increased awareness coupled with the need of an active pet lifestyle in addition to the growth of an aging pet population makes selling pet supplements lucrative. In fact, adding our pet supplements to your business product inventory offers a great way to build a market. We have a broad range of quality nutraceuticals supplements for pets to enable you to develop a profitable pet supplement line.

Why Nutraceutical Manufacturing for Pets is Popular

One of the main reasons why nutraceutical manufacturing for pets is gaining popularity across the globe is the effectiveness in dealing with the reoccurring areas of concern such as joint health. Our glucosamine and chondroitin formulas are well formulated to help restore your pet’s joint health. Our pet supplements are perfect for horses, cats, and dogs enabling you to create consumer loyalty as they do not need to purchase their pet products from different manufacturers. Another reason why our nutraceutical manufacturing for pets is popular among resellers is the convenience of selling our supplements. We have an easy to follow the program for private labeling and contract manufacturing that enable entrepreneurs to order and sell our supplements all over the world.

Who would Benefit from Nutraceutical Manufacturing for Pets?

All pets can benefit from taking nutraceutical supplements and vitamins. However, our top quality supplements are for horses, cats, and dogs. Although you can include supplements for different pets on your product inventory, stocking supplements for horses, cats, and dogs lets you maximum your business profitability. We offer some of the most popular nutraceutical manufacturing for pets including horses, cats, and dogs that help to address some of the common pet health challenges such as joint problems. Every product is formulated to the specific needs of different pets based on the size and nutritional needs of the pet.

Health Benefits of Nutraceutical Manufacturing for Pets

We have a special range of nutraceuticals formulated to help ensure joint health, improve the appearance and texture of coats, ensure proper organ functionality, and maintain good digestive health and healthy weight goals of the pet. Some of our top supplements for cats include glucosamine joint supplement, colloidal silver spray, and a calming supplement. For a dog, we have a wide selection of dog supplements suitable for dogs of all ages and sizes including K9 glucosamine chondroitin to help ensure better flexibility and mobility. Other dog supplements include K9 ear solutions, calming supplement, multivitamins and colloidal silver supplement for hot spots and other skin problems. We also have horse vitamins and equine supplements to help improve the overall joint functions and health performance.

Benefits of Starting your Own Supplement Business

There is nothing as rewarding and satisfactory as starting your own successful supplement business. Unlike starting other types of businesses, a supplement business lets you earn money while solving a common problem such as joint health. Furthermore, a supplement business has a large potential for growth, unlike other businesses due to the large options available. For example, a business can start selling cat supplements and later increase inventory by adding supplements for cats, horses, and human beings. Other benefits of starting a supplement business include proper balance between work and life, control over growth and income, and being a role model to other aspiring entrepreneurs.

Ways to Market your own Supplement Business

We offer a full-service nutraceutical manufacturing for pets, which makes it easy for interested resellers to start their own business. Our program offers everything you need to start and succeed ranging from manufacturing to packaging, shipping, and marketing. Our highly experienced team of staff including in-house designers and researchers are ready to help you design a label that will make your supplements noticeable to potential customers. We also have tips and guides to help resellers and retailers capture new markets by selling online through websites such as Amazon. Furthermore, you can contact our staff to learn about the latest marketing trends as well as a custom program to help you capture a certain market.

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