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Is There A Better Way To Prevent A Dog Ear Infection?

Dog-Ear-InfectionA dog ear infection can be frustrating for both the dog and his owner. Dog health is important and reducing the possibility of a dog ear infection by using a dog ear cleaner should be at the top of the list. Most dogs enjoy swimming no matter the season. They often never leave the pool in the summer! Dog owners can try and try to keep their dogs out of the water but it rarely works. Take it from a frustrated dog owner, we all know how hard it can be to deal with an ear infection. Even with proper dog ear cleaner solutions it can be a difficult task.

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What’s Missing from Your Dog Food?

dogfoodmemeWhat you feed your dogs is important. Dogs have specific dietary needs that, if left unfulfilled, may result in health problems. Quality commercial dog foods are sometimes made with beneficial grains, meats, vegetables, and vitamins, but cheaper brands are sometimes made with sketchy animal by-products (essentially slaughterhouse waste), chemicals, and artificial colorings. Supplements can provide dogs with the nutrients that are commonly missing from commercial dog foods. Let’s look at some of them. Continue reading What’s Missing from Your Dog Food?

From Feral to Friendly: The Cat’s Tale

scotwildcatWe Americans love cats. There were an estimated 95.6 million cats owned in the U.S.A. in 2012, according to The Humane Society.1 Pictures and videos of cats flood the Internet. A certain meme even claims that the Internet is made of cats. But these domesticated cats with which we live have not always been as they are now. Their domestication is a long, mysterious tail tale. Continue reading From Feral to Friendly: The Cat’s Tale

Cats vs. Dogs: Which is the Smarter Species?

One way to start a playful debate among your acquaintances is to ask a provocative question like, “Don’t you think that dogs are in every way smarter than cats?” or “Wouldn’t you agree that cats are vastly more intelligent and more dignified than dogs?”

Be careful. Some people have strong feelings about this topic. With people you don’t know very well, it may be just as unsafe and volatile to discuss this topic as it is to discuss politics or religion. But, as any rational mind knows, opinion cannot change fact. So, in such an important debate, we ought to yield to the findings of individuals more experienced and more learned than we are. Let’s look at what the scientific community has to contribute to this debate. Continue reading Cats vs. Dogs: Which is the Smarter Species?