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benefits of glucosamine for dogs

4 Benefits of Glucosamine Supplements for Dogs

There are many benefits of glucosamine for dogs. Their ability to aid the joints in your dog’s hips and needs along with their easy to use capability allows them to be one of the best supplements for them. If you think that your dog might need a supplement of glucosamine, continue reading to learn more about what it is and how it can benefit your dog.

What is Glucosamine?

Glucosamine is a natural compound in the body that is found in cartilage. As dogs get older there is a greater chance that they might end up needing a supplement. This is because their body cannot produce enough on its own and needs help getting back on track.

How can Glucosamine Supplements benefit your dog?

Nearly 25% of all dogs will develop some form of a joint issue over their lifetime. That is why many pet owners choose to get their pup a joint glucosamine supplement to help keep them healthy and active, often as a preventative measure. Here are some ways that glucosamine can benefit your dog.

Supports Healthy Joints

As they get older, dogs are more likely to experience joint pain. Joint pain most commonly occurs as a result of the destruction of cartilage. This causes pain and can restrict your dog’s ability to move. The most common places that dogs get this joint pain are the joints of the hip and knee. Glucosamine can support new cartilage growth and help keep their joints healthy.

Accelerate Joint Recovery

Dogs need to be making new cartilage and joint cushion in order to recover from normal wear and tear. Glucosamine helps block the deterioration of collagens. That way your dog can get back to living a normal life within a shorter amount of time.

Can Help Prevent Joint Inflammation

Mayo Clinic defines joint inflammation as discomfort or pain arising from any part of a joint. This can include cartilage, bone, tendons, muscles, or ligaments. This can be very painful for dogs who are on their legs for most of their day. This inflammation is more common in elderly dogs and can cause stiffness and discomfort. That is why many pet owners choose to use a glucosamine supplement before any issues arise as a preemptive measure.

Help Restore Mobility

As previously mentioned, elderly dogs have a greater risk of having a joint issue. Glucosamine can help restore joint health and allow your dog to run around and play and make them happier.


If you think that your dog might need a glucosamine supplement, it is important to always consult your vet before doing so. Here at Liquid Health Pets, we have many glucosamine supplements such as our K9 Glucosamine, K9 Vegetarian Glucosamine, Lvl 5000 for larger dogs, and our Small Dog Joint Formula for dogs under 20 lbs. If you are looking to pick up any of these products for yourself you can find a store near you. If you are a retailer looking to sell our pet products in your store please check out our wholesale page for more information.


dog ear cleaners

Dog Ear Cleaners: Why Get One?

Ear infections have always been a common health problem for dogs. They cause irritation for our pets and can end up being very serious. That is why many pet owners choose to purchase a dog ear cleaner solution. They do this to help their pet’s ears stay healthy and clean so they can lower the risk of them getting an infection. Continue reading to learn more about dog ear cleaners and their uses.

What is an Ear Infection?

An ear infection, are very common within dogs. The American Kennel Club estimates that 20% of dogs have some form of ear infection. They also go on to give some symptoms of ear infections that all pet owners should be aware of. These include:

  • head shaking
  • odors
  • redness and swelling inside the ear
  • itchiness

Knowing these can better help you understand your pet’s needs. It can also help you know if you should get an ear cleaning solution for your dog. It is important to consult with your vet before you get them one because your vet knows more about what is truly the best for your dog.

What is a Dog Ear Cleaner?

A dog ear cleaning solution is a solution that is designed to help clean inside your dog’s ears. It does this by getting inside the ear canal. After this, whoever is the person cleaning the ears will then wipe away the cleaner and massage the dog’s ear. If it still looks dirty you can always give it another round to see if it helps. If it looks clean then it is time to move on to the next ear and repeat the steps.

Why Use One?

It is always important to wash and clean your dog’s ears on a regular basis.  Cleaning your dog’s ears regularly can not only keep their ears healthy but can keep your dog happy. It also helps lower the risk of your pet getting a harmful infection. That is why most pet owners who use ear cleaners will use them preemptively as a way to fight back at the harmful infections. They also use it after a bath or after their dog goes swimming to help ensure that there are no harmful bacteria within their pet’s ears. If your dog is scratching his/her ears or is feeling discomfort then the best thing to do is to consult with your vet if getting an ear cleaner would be beneficial for your dog.

Where Get Dog Ear Cleaners?

Getting your hands on your very own ear cleaning products is very easy. It is as simple as going to your local pet supply store and getting one there. Liquid Health Pets supplies a high-quality Ear Solution for dogs of all breeds and sizes. It is specially formulated to clean and deodorize the dog’s ear canal. If you need more information about our Ear Solutions please consider visiting our website. If you are looking to sell any of the Liquid Health Pets Line please fill out the information on our wholesale page to get started with us.


international cat day

Happy International Cat Day!

International Cat Day is this Thursday! Otherwise known as World Cat Day, it is celebrated on August 8th. People all over the world celebrate one of mankind’s greatest companions on this day. Continue reading to learn more about World Cat Day and how you can celebrate it for yourself.

The History of International Cat Day

International Cat Day was created by the International Fund for Animal Welfare, with its headquarters being in Washington DC, in 2002. 2019 marks the 17th year that people have been celebrating World Cat Day. It is a day to raise awareness for all of our feline friends and learn more ways to help or protect them.

Although there is no certain history of World Cat Day, states that “In fact, the Ancient Egyptians were the first civilization to harness the glory of the feline. Nearly 4,000 years ago, they domesticated our four-legged friends by keeping them near food stores.” Doing this helped keep rodents and other pests away from the food. Throughout time, the Egyptians started worshipping cats and they became gods to them.

international cat day

How to celebrate it

There are many different ways that people celebrate world cat day. According to, there are many great ways to celebrate World Cat Day. You could do things like:

Volunteering at your Local Cat Shelter

There are over 3 million cats entering animal shelters every year. Many shelters are seeking help year-round and would greatly appreciate your help. You even wouldn’t have to actually take care of the cats, but just show them some love and affection.

Visit a Cat Cafe

Cat cafes are now becoming more and more popular in the United States. They are originally from Japan but have since moved. If you are wondering what you do at a cat cafe, it is simple. You spend the day sipping coffee with friends and petting some kittens.

Donate To a Cat Charity

international cat day

Another way that they list to celebrate World Cat Day is to donate to a cat charity. Giving to a charity is a great way to help out some of the cats in need. Besides the International Fund for Animal Welfare, who created International Cat Day, there are many great charities to give to. Some of these are:

Some other great things that you could do to celebrate would be to adopt one of the many cats looking for a home. You could also buy cat-themed merchandise or show you cat some love and affection. One great way to show your cat you love them is by getting them some Joint Purrfection to help them with their joint pain. From everyone at Liquid Health Pets, we hope you and your feline friend have a wonderful Cat Day!


balancing a multivitamin with your dogs diet

Balancing a Multi-vitamin With Your Dog’s Diet

Balancing a multi-vitamin with your dog’s diet can seem like a difficult task at times, but it is not as hard as it may seem. Giving your dog a balanced diet that contains the nutrients they need is most important. Most dogs get their daily nutrients from their diet. It is also good to consider talking to your vet about getting them a multi-vitamin.

What is a Multi-vitamin?

A multi-vitamin is a vitamin supplement that contains more than one vitamin. Using the definition can help you understand their functionality and if you should give one to your dog. It is very important to note that multi-vitamins are not intended to be used as a replacement for malnourishment but to be used cooperatively with a healthy diet.

Should your pet be taking one?

balancing a multivitamin with your dogs diet

There are many reasons why pet owners choose to give their pets a multi-vitamin. Some do it to help with health issues that can come at an older age. Others give their pets multivitamins to add to their diets to ensure proper nourishment. You should consider giving your pet a multivitamin if:

  • You have an older dog
  • Your pet’s diet is homemade
  • Your pet has a disease or deficiency
  • They have pains in their joints

These reasons and many more have led many other pet owners to choose to give their pet a multivitamin. If you want to know more if your pet should have a multivitamin please click also reminds pet owners that, “If you think your pet needs a vitamin or nutritional supplement, talk to your veterinarian. He or she will be able to help you determine whether your pet may benefit from a supplement and will have vitamins designed especially for pets.”

Balancing a Multi-vitamin with your dog’s diet

Jeffrey Blumberg, Ph.D., says, “Think of multi-vitamins as an insurance policy, but don’t fool yourself into thinking dietary supplements measure up to the benefits of maintaining healthy body weight, eating right, and getting regular physical activity.” Although he was talking about the human use of multi-vitamins, this ideology can apply to our pets as well. You don’t want to give your dog too many nutrients. Even though vitamins are good for them, too much can hurt them. The first thing to do is to find a food that your pet likes that has a lot of nutrients in it. If they still do not have enough nutrients, then you can talk to your vet if bringing in a supplement would benefit your dog. Balancing a multi-vitamin with your dog’s diet is not hard when you listen to your vet. It is always best to consult your vet when introducing things like these.

Where can you get a multi-vitamin?

Finding a great multivitamin for your pet can be very easy. At Liquid Health Pets, all of our products are in a liquid form and come in a great taste that your pet will love. If you are looking to grab some for yourself then you can check out our FidoNutrients for your dog and find a store near you. If you are a retailer looking to sell our products in your store please check out our wholesale page for more information.


your dog needs vitamins too

3 Reasons Your Dog Needs Vitamins Too

You may think that vitamins are just for humans, but as it turns out your dog needs them too. Dogs are complex creatures that need vitamins to stay healthy and live a long life. They can get these vitamins through their diet or through supplements such as the ones at Liquid Health Pets. Here are 3 Reasons why your dog needs vitamins too.

1. Health Problems

Many dogs may suffer from a variety of health problems. These could be things like joint pain or ear infections. When problems like these occur, the best option is to visit your local vet and get your dog checked out. However, there are some precautions that you can take to help lower the chances of your dog having these problems. For joint support, you can always try out some K9 Glucosamine Joint supplements that are designed to help your dog’s joints. It is important to take precautions like this because nearly 25% of all dogs will develop some type of joint mobility issues over their lifetime. If you want to learn more about how glucosamine can help your dog we have a blog post you can read located here.

2. Diet

A dog’s diet plays an important role in determining if you need to give your dog vitamins. According to the FDA, most dogs receive a balanced diet that includes all the necessary vitamins and minerals from commercially processed food. However, dogs that are fed a homemade diet especially may need supplements. This also doesn’t mean that dogs that eat commercially processed food don’t need vitamin supplements either. It all depends on the number of nutrients in your dog’s food. Supplements were not created to replace a healthy diet, but to assist a healthy diet by filling in the gaps that may be present in regards to their nutrient intake.

Your Dog Needs Vitamins Too

3. Staying Healthy

Keeping your dog healthy is one of, if not the most important thing a dog owner wants for their pet. If vitamins in the form of liquid supplements are the way to go then you might as well give them a try. Dawn M. Boothe, DVM, MS, Ph.D., the director of the clinical pharmacology lab at the Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine reminds pet owners to; “Make sure you stick with a standard of care and use the supplements as they were intended, as supplements.”


If you are deciding to get your dog a vitamin supplement its important to remember that many vitamins made for humans are not safe for pets. According to ” It is very important, however, not to give pets human vitamins. Since pets have different requirements than we do, supplementing your dog or cat with human vitamins can actually be harmful to them. ” Getting your hands on some vitamins for your dog is not as hard as it seems. If you are looking to grab some for yourself then you can check out our products page for a full list of products and find a store near you. If you are a retailer looking to sell our pet products in your store please check out our wholesale page for more information.

common symptoms of illness in dogs

Common Symptoms of Illness in Dogs

All Dogs get sick from time to time. The difference between it being a minor illness to becoming a serious illness is when you realize that your dog needs some form of treatment. Here are four common symptoms of illness in dogs to help you determine if your dog needs treatment.

Behavioral Changes:

If your dog is normally active and full of energy, but has been recently feeling lethargic and tired all the time you might want to check their temperature to make sure they are feeling fine. The American Kennel Club states that the average temperature for dogs is anywhere between 101 degrees Fahrenheit to 102.5 degrees Fahrenheit. After you have taken their temperature, if it is not anywhere above 103 degrees, make sure you are monitoring them. If after a day or two the behavior has not gone back to normal it may be a good idea to take them to visit a veterinarian to get them checked out.

Poor Appetite:

Having a dog with a poor appetite is another common symptom for illness. There could be two reasons why your dog has a poor appetite. The first being that they aren’t eating because they are sick. The other being that the food itself is making them sick. Some solutions to this would be to change their diet. This could mean completely changing their diet to something different. If you have been feeding them dry food, you might want to consider trying out canned food. The same thing goes for the other way around.

Nasal Congestion:

Your dog’s nose can get congested the same way that yours does. The cause of these nasal congestion could be an infection growing inside their nose. Some signs of nasal congestion are, sneezing frequently and if there is visible mucus when they sneeze. Taking your dog to your local veterinarian is the best way to get the treatment that your dog needs. The treatment may include your vet prescribing antibiotics that will last between 10 to 20 days. If you are ever in doubt you can always talk to your vet.

Trouble Breathing:

One more common symptom of illness in dogs is trouble breathing. If you have just gotten back from a long walk and your dog is having trouble breathing you probably don’t have much to worry about. On the other hand if your dog has been sitting around all day long and is having trouble breathing you really should consider taking them into the vet’s office to get an examination. If the problem is severe, the vet will have the dog accepted into the hospital for treatment.

Even though there are more symptoms of illness these four are some of the more common symptoms. Knowing these four could help your dog get the treatment they need. One precaution that you could take would be to consider getting them a multi-vitamin.