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    A natural supplement many people may not know about is colloidal silver. It was first discovered and used in the late 1800s, although silver was used years before then either as dishes or to keep food from spoiling. Since then it has been used to keep both people and animals Read More
  • dog owner etiquette
    A dog is one of the most rewarding additions to a family. However, it does come with a lot of responsibility. Dog owners should take the time to train and care for their dogs. They should also be respectful of the people and other pets around them. Here is what Read More
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    Every year many parts of the world face natural disasters. They leave homes destroyed, streets flooded, and many people injured or killed. Not only that, but the lives of pets and other animals are affected as well. Although natural disasters cannot be prevented, you can be prepared. Here is what Read More
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    One of the best exercise companions can be our dogs. They won’t sit and talk your ear off the entire time or judge you for being out of breath in ten minutes. They even need the exercise themselves, so it’s a win-win activity for both of you. However, it is Read More