Probiotics For Dogs

Liquid Health Pets is a private label supplement manufacturer of Spot Shot, our colloidal silver spray for dogs.  Our colloidal silver liquid supplement for dogs comes in a simple and easy to use sprat shot and is used for clipper burns and skin irritations.  We can also manufacture probiotics for dogs with digestive enzymes to help support your dog’s digestive system.

Probiotics for dogs, cats, horses and other animals can be an important and effective way to supplement your dog’s need to cleanse and stabilize your pets bodily functions.  They have also been reported to have positive effects on a dog’s skin and coat, odor, hair and urinary tract, although research is mostly inconclusive at this time.

If you are seeking a manufacturer for any type of liquid pet supplement then look no further.  Liquid Health Pets can manufacture any type of liquid pet supplement or multivitamin that you may need.  We cater to both small start-up businesses, including online supplement shops and large wholesale distribution companies that need to place large bulk orders.  Give us a call today and we would be happy to discuss your needs and get you started.

Get the best probiotics for dogs from Liquid Health Pets. We also have colloidal silver liquid pet supplements and special digestive enzymes for a healthy dog.  All of our liquid supplements and vitamins are made here in the USA.  Get yours today!