Horse Health Supplements

Liquid Health Pets manufactures high quality liquid horse supplements.  Our Equine Level 5000 with glucosamine is great for horse joint health problems.  Many horse owners remember to give their horses the necessary vitamins, such as vitamin E for horses or other multivitamins.  However, often times as a horse gets older it may benefit from the use of a glucosamine joint supplement that is specially formulated for horses.

Of course, there are many other ways in which to keep your horse healthy.  Most vets and horse owners alike, recommend many of the following items.

  • Minimize Stress:  Horses are very alert to their surroundings and some can get nervous and are more prone to stress than other animals.
  • Annual Vet Exam:  It’s important to keep on top of your horses overall health.  Exams are recommended each year, even when your horse appears to be fit and healthy.
  • Annual Vaccination:  Consult with your vet each year to determine which vaccinations your horse may need.
  • Quality Food:  A healthy horse is a happy horse.  Make sure they are eating healthy food!
  • Hooves Care:  It’s important to regularly check your horses legs and hooves and to take proper actions to maintain them with a good farrier.
  • Deworm Regularly:  Nobody likes worms, not even horses.  Deworming products are cheap, easy to use and well worth the time and efforts.
  • Daily Exercise:  Horses were built to run!  Make sure yours gets plenty of exercise.
  • Joint Supplements:  Horse supplements containing MSM, glucosamine and chondroitin may help your horses joints stay healthy.

Liquid Health Pets can manufacture any type of liquid horse supplement that you may need.  If there is a specific supplement you would like us to produce, just let us know.  We love to hear feedback from our horse owners!