MSM and Biotin Horse Supplements

Liquid Health Pets is a leading private label contract manufacturer of liquid MSM horse supplements and vitamins, including biotin and joint glucosamine for horses. Our MSM horse glucsosamine supplement is our most popular, however we can make just about any type of liquid horse supplement or multivitamins that you may need.

Horses of all ages require plenty of attention, care, exercise and proper nutrition.  However, even the best owners can sometimes find it difficult to meet their horses specific needs.  In these cases, such as dietary issues, injury or age, a horse may need an additional health supplement to improve their condition.

One such product that can help is our Equine Level 5000 liquid glucosamine supplement.  This is Liquid Health Pet’s most powerful formula with a full 5200 mg of Glucosamine Hcl and sulfate per serving.  This horse joint supplement also contains 100 mg of Hyaluronic Acid, 1000 mg of Opti-MSM® and 1000 mg of Chondroitin.  Our Equine Level 5000 also contains a comprehensive blend of natural, cutting-edge support ingredients to further enhance its effectiveness. These ingredients include an Aquamin® Algae mineral blend, Bromelain, grape seed extract and Boswellia.  These exceptionally high doses of these important and widely used joint ingredients can now all ve found in one exceptional product.

If your horse is in need of adding a little kick to its gallop, then try using our liquid glucosamine supplement!