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K9 Liquid Glucosamine For Dogs!

Liquid Pet Supplements and Vitamins for cats, dogs and horses – Made in the USA

Liquid Health™ Pets is one of the leading pet supplement and vitamin manufacturers in the USA.  We have a long history of producing K9 glucosamine for dogs, horse supplements, dog vitamins, cat vitamins and other liquid pet supplements and animal vitamins.  Our dog ear cleaner for helping with dog ear infection is also very popular.  Just let us know what you need, we’re here to make the best liquid pet supplements for you and your pets!

Pet health is important subject for pet owners.  We just want to let you know that we are as concerned with your dog and cat health as much as you are.  As a leader in nutritional pet supplements, it is our mission to manufacture high quality pet products that you can easily administer to your pets. Our liquid pet supplements are superior to conventional pills or capsules due to their quick absorption and because you can easily mix them into your pets’ food or water.

We are best known for our K9 Glucosamine for dogs, which has been acclaimed by dog owners and trainers alike.  We also manufacture a dog ear cleaner for dog ear infection, probiotics for dogs,  glucosamine for horses and cats, as well as other powerful, high-quality liquid pet supplements.  Check out our complete line of liquid supplement Pet Products.

New Liquid Health™ Pets Products

Liquid Health has the most comprehensive line of all-natural liquid vitamins and supplements available. With over 30 different liquid vitamin formulas for people and groundbreaking pet supplements, Liquid Health is the nation’s leader in liquid supplementation. Liquid Health’s whole food based supplements are the best way to provide the vitamins and supplements your family and pets need.